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Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads
Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads
Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads
Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads
Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads
Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads

Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads

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Knee pain can be excruciatingly painful and convenient for anyone, whether you have an active-lifestyle or just simply suffering from knee pain caused by injuries or illness, hampering your day-to-day activities. 


Relieve knee pain INSTANTLY with the help of these Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads! If you’re suffering from such pain from any cause, this conveniently cool medical find is for you.

  • Adaptive Infrared Heat Therapy Technology
  • Self-Heating and Magnetic Brace Design
  • Stimulates knee acupressure points.
  • Radically improves blood circulation in the knee area.
  • Effectively relaxes your knees and joints!
  • Alleviates physical fatigue, inflammation, and pain.
  • Regulates the nervous system.
  • Even helps burn excess body fats in the process.
  • Easy to Use Soft Self-Adhesive Material
  • Safe, Comfortable and Breathable
  • Lightweight and Portable — It’s easy to carry around so you can use it anytime and anywhere!
  • Makes a great gift for yourself or for the people you care about.


Perfect for Athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts

  • Fortifies the knees and the joints
  • Effectively protects the knees from further damage for those with previous knee injuries
  • Prevents the knee from hyperextending while at play for those who love sports like volleyball, basketball, hockey, or even wrestling, kickboxing and other contact sports
  • Also an ideal gear for those who love extreme sports like BMX, skateboard, etc.


Perfect for Elderly use or those dealing with joint pains

  • Keeps knees warm during cold weather/seasons
  • Relieve and even prevent knee and joint pains from occurring often caused by cold weather
  • Ideal for those prone to knee pain due to old age, or those dealing with knee illnesses like arthritis, bone hyperplasia, arthralgia, and/or leg muscle pain.


Perfect for those suffering from swollen knees and joints

  • Effectively boosts blood circulation through acupressure
  • Warm heat therapy relaxes and unclogs veins
  • Reduces inflammation and relieves pain caused by swollen joints

Knee pains gone fast and easy with these reliable Self-Heating Tourmaline Knee Pads! No need to look for anything costly or time-consuming. This one’s the answer to your prayers! 


    1. Wear directly on the knees.
    2. After 20 minutes, you could feel the heat.
    3. For best results, use at least twice a day for 3 hours each time.

    NOTE: Do not use product when sleeping. Do not wear over clothing, the self-heating and magnetic effects will decrease and not work as good as they should.


    Material/s: Elastic Fabric, Magnetic Stone, & Tourmaline

    Size: Approx. 22cm or 8.7inch (pad length) / 48cm or 18.9inch (upper & lower belt) / 47cm or 18.5inch (middle belt)

    Weight: Approx. 85g

    Color: Black

    Gender: Unisex


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