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Safe Magic Bubble Glue/Blowing Ball
Safe Magic Bubble Glue/Blowing Ball
Safe Magic Bubble Glue/Blowing Ball
Safe Magic Bubble Glue/Blowing Ball

Safe Magic Bubble Glue/Blowing Ball

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Small one pack of 4, one pack of 4 grams, medium 5 grams, large 8 grams, color 7 grams, (machine packaging, there are some small errors, gross weight, the weight with the cover tube).

Small size comes with 1-3 tubes per pack, color comes with 2 tubes, and others have 1 tube each.

Size: The small size is about 4 cm long, and the large size is about 9 cm,Medium about 6 cm.

(The whole tube is not full for both sizes, and the packaging requires that the tube must be relatively large, but even a small amount can blow a big bubble.)

Note: Bubble glue is fully sealed in iron tube. There is dry bubble glue on the outside of the iron tube. This is because the packaging is left out. This is redundant, not the product is damaged. This product is a plastic product and has a plastic smell. , this is a problem with similar products, and it is accepted by default when photographed.

(The product is unpacked and extruded after being cut from the tail. The iron pipe is very sharp, pay attention to safety, and children should be accompanied by adults to complete it...)

Product introduction:

Blowing Gum/Blowing Ball/Space Balloon/Bobo Ball is a kind of magical and fun children's toy, it uses a safe plastic tube to blow out balls of different sizes, can make simple models, it is as light as bubble water, The blown sphere is stronger than bubble water, and you can shoot, throw, and play with the 10-15 minute hand, which is very interesting and fun.



***This product is not chewing gum, should not be chewed or swallowed, and should not be placed in the mouth.

***This product is suitable for children over 3 years old.

***This product is not irritating, but eye contact should be avoided and hands should be washed after use.

***Keep away from fire

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