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Rainbow Elimination Game
Rainbow Elimination Game
Rainbow Elimination Game
Rainbow Elimination Game

Rainbow Elimination Game

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Inspired by the famous game Candy Crush, the game allows you to have a good time alone or with your family. It is an educational game that will develop your children's cognitive abilities.

Improves concentration

In fact, being able to play with several people improves the child's cognition and the development of the right brain.

Learn to identify colors.

Your children will learn to identify colors thanks to the 6 different colors in our game.

Develop the imagination.

There are millions of ways to win a game. This is why your children will never get tired of it and they will become more creative .


    Combine patterns freely, exercise logical thinking, and develop right brain development.
    Rainbow color matches to improve children's color discrimination and aesthetic ability.
    Multi-player interaction and fun, endless playfulness, improve children's cognition and concentration.
    Imagine and judge the result of pushing the ball in your mind, and compare multiple inferences to get more balls of the same color.


  • Beads only move vertically or horizontally, beads to promote, looking for the same color as the adjacent beads, such as beads front obstacle or the border should be stopped immediately.
  • Mobile to find the same color of the beads can be all to himself, remove the 2 beads can get 5 points, 3 beads get 10 points and 4 beads won 15 points, and so on, after eliminating the can eliminate the beads, scores more than win.

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