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QuickRoll-Mending Paint Roller
QuickRoll-Mending Paint Roller
QuickRoll-Mending Paint Roller

QuickRoll-Mending Paint Roller

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The fixer to all the flaws of your home

When the walls need paint jobs and the furniture has lost its color you don’t need a full-blown renovation because QuickRoll can put a coat on anything and leave it looking brand new!

Why QuickRoll is for you

An instant renovation- Slide the roller down a crack, stain or imperfection and QuickRoll will cover it with a smooth coat of paint and make it disappear.

Revitalize your home- If the decades have taken the vibrant colors from your furniture QuickRoll can bring back their true colors to bring them back to life!

Leaves no flaws- You can easily reach even the deepest corners and hidden spots to make sure everything in sight is spotless and even!

QuickRoll is the ultimate choice- Put the last touch-ups your home needs to make the walls furniture and ceiling look pristine and freshly painted!

The small roller can reach all the hard-to-get places on the walls and furniture with ease. With a few rolls, it will put a seamless coat on the cracks, stains and every flaw you see.

QuickRoll not only fixes but brings a new life to the old furniture by returning its true colors back. Your home’s troubles are easy to solve when QuickRoll is doing the fixing!

Package Contents

  • Roller Mending Tool × 1

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