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Portable Mini Thermal Printer
Portable Mini Thermal Printer
Portable Mini Thermal Printer
Portable Mini Thermal Printer
Portable Mini Thermal Printer
Portable Mini Thermal Printer
Portable Mini Thermal Printer

Portable Mini Thermal Printer

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How to Print on Phones

1. Power on the printer. You may have to hold the power button (top left) down for a few seconds if it doesn't come on with one click.

2. Download the “Phomemo” from your app store.

3. Enable BT on your phone > return to the Phomemo app & click to add device.

4. Selected the M08F-Letter (for this model)- wait for it to pair & BOOM you should be connected. It took not even 5 minutes to set-up & print. **If pairing took to long - reboot the printer by holding the power button down then back on again & return to the app to pair. It was so easy to set up.

    Mobile Device Printing

        Easily print from your iPhone, iPad, or Android with the Phomemo App.


    Compact and Space-saving Design

        Portable printer weighing just 2lb and only 1.5in thick, able to fit in your bag or briefcase for easy transporting and surprisingly light for long commute times.

        Our travel printer great concept for On-site printing from anywhere needed, like if traveling for work, business, office, home, car, or university for example.

        Small Printer use thermal technology - don't require ink, toner, or ribbons, no ink-related blockages and cleaning issues. And instead you only need to replace the thermal paper and you're good to go, each thermal paper costs only $0.12, cheaper than traditional ink cartridges + paper.


    Large Capacity Battery

        It has internal battery, so you don't need power source. You can print up to 140 pages on a single charge




    1. Must use a USB cable to use the PC, currently M08F don't support Bluetooth to connect to the PC.

    2. Please keep the thermal paper in a room temperature and dark environment, and it can be stored for up to ten years.

    3. The printer uses an upgraded printing algorithm, it is recommended to match original consumables to make your printing clearer.

    Note: Overheating of the machine can cause paper jams!!!

    ● If the pattern is too complex or large shaded pattern, the machine needs to process too much information and the machine will easily overheat, resulting in a paper jam.

    ● Do not transfer complex patterns continuously, you need to wait until the cover is opened to allow the machine to cool down sufficiently. Touch the thermal metal print head to see if the machine is cool.

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