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BLAIZECO™ Menstrual Heating Pad
BLAIZECO™ Menstrual Heating Pad
BLAIZECO™ Menstrual Heating Pad
BLAIZECO™ Menstrual Heating Pad
BLAIZECO™ Menstrual Heating Pad
BLAIZECO™ Menstrual Heating Pad
BLAIZECO™ Menstrual Heating Pad

BLAIZECO™ Menstrual Heating Pad

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Have you ever experienced the personal distress of period cramps? We have to! That's why we set out to create a drug-free and effective solution. Our innovation combines the power of heat and vibration, a dynamic duo that significantly reduces period pain and cramps. Backed by scientific research and designed with one clear mission in mind - to end women's monthly suffering - the Menstrual Cramp Relief Massager is a game-changer.
Calmee™ - The menstrual heating belt.


Heat therapy relaxes the muscles of the uterus, increases blood flow, and eases pain. Vibrations have multiple effects on the body, including stimulating oxygen to the muscles, which is exactly what you need when your body is under stress or in pain. Vibrations counteract muscle contractions by inducing the muscles to contract and relax. 


Our menstrual heating pad is made of thick ABS material, weighing only 0.5 lbs, which allows you to carry this massage heating pad wherever you go. The cover material is made of soft fabric, breathable and comfortable, and provides skin-friendly and optimal comforts for body touch. Perfect gifts for mom, dad, woman or girl.


The heating pad features PI metal heating technology and an intelligent security chip to provide fast and safe relief from menstrual pain. The PI metal heating film releases far-infrared waves within 3-5 seconds, effectively reducing discomfort and warming the uterus. With a built-in smart chip and multiple safety features, it offers peace of mind while in use. It's also suitable for other conditions like back pain, stomach colds, and period pain. The adjustable elastic belt can accommodate various body sizes, up to 52 inches. The heating pad offers three temperature settings (50°C, 55°C, 60°C) and four vibration intensities to suit the various needs of different individuals in different conditions.


The Heated Waist Belt with LED display screen, which clearly indicates the temperature level and vibration massage mode, just press the corresponding switch button to change the temperature and vibration mode, easy to use.

Portable Magic Heating Pad – World Beauty Care


🔋USB Rechargeable

 USB rechargeable, making it your lifelong partner.


The combination of heat and vibration has been proven through research to be one of the most effective natural solutions for reducing period cramps and pain.
Menstrual Heating Pad Smart Warm Palace Belt Relief Waist Pain Cramps  Vibrating Abdominal Massager Electric Waist Belt Device| | - AliExpress


No more unnecessary painkillers. Menstrual Cramp Relief Massager is drug-free and highly effective.

👩‍⚕️Female Fueled

Our small team of women understands the pain. That's why we made it our priority to end unnecessary monthly suffering.
Portable Magic Heating Pad – World Beauty Care


We believe in the effectiveness of our product and the quality of our work. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. If for any reason you decide that you're not satisfied with the product or its quality within 14 days of receiving it, simply contact our customer support and we'll assist you in returning the product for a complete refund, no questions asked!

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