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Magic Rainbow Coloring Book
Magic Rainbow Coloring Book
Magic Rainbow Coloring Book
Magic Rainbow Coloring Book
Magic Rainbow Coloring Book
Magic Rainbow Coloring Book
Magic Rainbow Coloring Book

Magic Rainbow Coloring Book

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We Never Know The Pain Of Parenthood Till We Become Parents Ourselves!

 Mess-Free - Designed to be mess-free to keep your children neat while coloring.

 Non-Toxic - The pens only use water, making them non-toxic and safe for your child. 

 Keep Them Entertained - Keep your child entertained for hours giving you the freedom to have that much-needed break you deserve. 

Animated GIFThe Magic Rainbow Coloring Book is a MUST HAVE for any mother that desires a much-needed break! 

Being a mom is no easy job! Especially when you're mostly doing it all alone, while your partner is at work or out of the picture. So why not change that and make motherhood much easier?

 A Must-Have For All New Moms 

 Get the Break You Deserve

 The Support Hand You Need To Not Do It Alone

Your child is your world and the most important thing in your life. So you owe it to your child to not only take care of them but also take care of yourself. By taking care of yourself you're not only doing the best for you but also what's best for your child. 

 Fun & Educational

 Reusable Once Used

 Attention Grabber

 Environmentally Friendly

Animated GIFThe Magic Rainbow Coloring Book will grab your child's attention at the first glance. Giving them hours of fun without you having to do a thing. Giving you the opportunity to take that much-needed rest you deserve.

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind. So why not eliminate the stress and hassle? And quiet your mind. Giving you that extra boost to become a better mom. Because at the end of the day you deserve to relax. So why shouldn't your kids do the same? A true "no brainer" for anyone that needs help handling motherhood.


And as an ADDED BONUS we're going to include a FREE e-book on becoming a parent. Thanks to our friends from the Department of Health of Western Australia. Giving you the tools to tackle parenthood in the simplest of manners. Within this e-book learn the secrets of both experienced mothers and medical professionals on how to make parenthood easier!





21 X 17 cm (8.2 x 6.7 in)


  • 1 x Booklet
  • 2 x Water Pens


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