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Infinity Flower Food
Infinity Flower Food
Infinity Flower Food
Infinity Flower Food
Infinity Flower Food

Infinity Flower Food

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Once flowers are cut, they begin to die. That is because when a flower is still attached to the mother plant it is receiving an ongoing supply of food, water, and growth hormones so this nourishment stops when the flower is cut. While nothing can make your cut flowers live eternally, you can prolong their life with the Infinity Flower Food!


    This flower food delivers essential nutrients to provide necessary nourishment to the freshly-cut flowers and helps improve water intake so you can keep your flowers blooming and extend its life for weeks.

    Formulated with water acidifiers which help in adjusting the pH level of the vase water to help the flower bloom and retain its form, color, and scent.

    Once used on your flowers, it prevents bacteria growth and slows down stem rotting to keep your flowers smelling fresh and keep the water clean for weeks.

    Its solution stays clear in all water types so you can use it on flowers inside glass vases to serve as your home decor. It also comes in a one-application sachet which makes feeding fresh flowers easier.

Does your fresh cut flowers wilt after days? No worries! You can now increase the length of time that you have to enjoy your flowers for weeks with the Infinity Flower Food!


  • Net Content: 10ml

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