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Gravity Paint Tray
Gravity Paint Tray
Gravity Paint Tray
Gravity Paint Tray

Gravity Paint Tray

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Achieve quality, accuracy, and speed with this cool paint tray!

The Gravity Paint Tray is specially designed to give you the best results, regardless of your experience or job difficulty. This ideal tool greatly reduces prep time, clean up, paint waste, project costs plus all those steps up and down a ladder, and much more.

The perfect painting tool for the pro or DIYer! It’s guaranteed to improve the painting experience by saving you valuable time, money, and stress.

Gravity Paint Tray can hold up to six different latex colors at one time without running together. Great for touch-up work or painting a wall mural. It fits almost any size adult or youth hand. Just make sure the strap fits comfortably in your grip and off you go.
  • NO MORE SPILLS: The first anti-gravity paint tray ever can be held at any angle without dripping.
  • CUT PAINT TIME IN HALF: Pallet tray holds up to 12oz of paint to quickly load a brush or roller.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY: Dramatically reduces paint wastage; professional liner is reusable for months.
  • HOLDS MULTIPLE COLORS: Paint holder can contain up to 6 colors without bleeding into each other.
  • EASY TO USE: Quickly switch between paint mixing trays, with an adjustable strap making it height-safe.
  1. Pour up to 12 oz of paint and still maintain anti-gravity technology.
  2. Distribute and embed paint evenly throughout the tray.
  3. Turn it 180 degrees without spilling or dripping a single drop!
  4. A single tap and your brush are loaded and ready to paint.


  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Product size: about 33*30*3cm


  • 1 x Gravity Paint Tray

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