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Blood Pressure Normalization Hypertension Patch
Blood Pressure Normalization Hypertension Patch
Blood Pressure Normalization Hypertension Patch
Blood Pressure Normalization Hypertension Patch

Blood Pressure Normalization Hypertension Patch

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*Apply Hypertension Patch 8 hours a day every day for maximum effect.

EFFECTIVE - The patch contains special herbal ingredient saponin refined from herbs concentration and can help regulate the heart output effectively. It can expand blood vessels, reduce outside resistance to lower the heart beat to normal frequency. It can also reduce the high blood pressure and calm the body simultaneously.

PROVEN FORMULA - This clinically proven natural formula features a high potency to effectively reduce blood pressure.

TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE - Anti hypertension patch is derived from the Traditional Chinese Auricular Therapy. The Yong Quan point (near central of back feet) is regarded as the life point and capillary vessels are densely distributed there. Apply the patch onto the Yong Quan point and the medicinal ingredients will be able to enter into the body directly and stimulate the capillary vessels in order to enhance and recover the body's micro-circulation back to a normal state. This finally results in blood pressure returning to normal.

100% SAFE - The lab results proves that the effective rate is about 74.7%. Furthermore, since all ingredients are made from natural herbs is used therefore there is no damage to internal organs.

BAMBOO VINEGAR -  Known as chikusaku, is an liquid that forms during the process of producing bamboo charcoal, it alkalizes the body and lowers blood pressure.

APOCYNUM VENETUM - An effective anxiety reducing agent.

GASTRODIA ELATA - Used in traditional herbal medicine for improving symptoms of headache, convulsions, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

SEMEN CASSIAE - Commonly referred to as Jue Ming Zi has a positive effect on the prevention of various eye diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and constipation.


  1. Clean the surrounding area using a moist towel.
  2. Remove the protective film gently and stick it on the belly button, see photo above.
  3. Apply it every day before sleep and leave it on for 8 hours. Peel off the patch the next morning.
  4. When symptoms are relieved, continue to apply for every 3 or 5 days to consolidate the effect.

Dosage: Apply each day for 1 month equals to 1 period of treatment.

Not Suitable For: Damaged skin, allergies, children, pregnant and nursing women.


  • This is for external use only.
  • While using hypertension patches and do not stop the usage of your chemical medicine.
  • Apply Hypertension Patch 8 hours a day every day for maximum effect.

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