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Xiomi EcoFlow Smart Faucet
Xiomi EcoFlow Smart Faucet
Xiomi EcoFlow Smart Faucet
Xiomi EcoFlow Smart Faucet
Xiomi EcoFlow Smart Faucet
Xiomi EcoFlow Smart Faucet

Xiomi EcoFlow Smart Faucet

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Transform your daily water usage with the Xiomi Youpin EcoFlow Smart Faucet. This innovative device integrates cutting-edge technology with eco-conscious design to revolutionize your household water management.


  • Inductive Water Drainage: Experience seamless water flow through intuitive infrared sensors, minimizing touch pollution and maximizing efficiency.
  • Efficient Water Consumption: With two sets of sensing areas and two water modes, achieve optimal water conservation without sacrificing performance.
  • Convenient Installation: Easily disassemble and assemble the faucet for hassle-free setup, adapting effortlessly to your home's unique needs.
  • Extended Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted usage with exceptional battery endurance, ensuring reliable operation over extended periods.
  • Overflow Prevention: Intelligent design features prevent water overflow, safeguarding against waste and potential damage.
  • IPX6 Waterproof Rating: Built to withstand water exposure, ensuring durability and longevity in any environment.


  1. Dual Sensor Technology: Enhance responsiveness with dual sensors, enabling rapid 0.25-second induction for instantaneous water flow.
  2. Touch-Free Operation: Embrace hygienic water usage with IR-based inductive drainage, minimizing contact and promoting cleanliness.
  3. Bottom Sensor: Cater to short-term water needs with precise bottom sensor activation, ensuring water flows only when necessary.
  4. Side Sensor: Accommodate water storage requirements with extended side sensor activation, offering continuous flow for up to three minutes.
  5. Energy-Efficient Design: Prioritize sustainability with first-class water efficiency, contributing to energy savings and environmental preservation.
  6. Versatile Design: Complement any home aesthetic with a sleek and minimalist design, blending seamlessly with various interior styles.
  7. Adaptive Compatibility: Customize your setup with six sets of adapters, catering to diverse faucet configurations and installation preferences.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Infrared Induction Water Saving Device For Faucet
  • 1 x Installation Wrench
  • 3 x Seal Rings
  • 6 x Adapters

Elevate your daily routine with the Xiomi Youpin EcoFlow Smart Faucet, where intelligent technology meets sustainable living for a brighter, water-efficient future.

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