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Water Balloon Sling Shot
Water Balloon Sling Shot
Water Balloon Sling Shot
Water Balloon Sling Shot
Water Balloon Sling Shot
Water Balloon Sling Shot
Water Balloon Sling Shot

Water Balloon Sling Shot

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Add a splash of excitement to your outdoor party!

Latex tape (with a handle that provides good grip) has a lot of elasticity, so it can throw things over long distances.


    To provide a longer shooting range, our water balloon slingshot is made of ultra-elastic and durable latex rubber, double-slit nylon, and thick soft foam to ensure it is not deformed and elastic.
    This water balloon cannon launcher can be used not only with balloons, it can also be used as a T-shirt cannon, potato gun, ball launcher for dogs, tennis ball launcher along with snowballs, potatoes, etc.
    It not only makes your party cool but also for festivals, BBQs, events, science experiments, and more. Children and adults alike can have great fun with this water balloon cannon, family and friends can team up, have a fun race, it will be the best family time you have ever had.
    It's fun to let friends and family get soaked in the summer. It is suitable for kids and adults. The water balloon launcher will be a great gift for any outdoor occasion.


  • Material: Elastic and durable rubber
  • Gender: unisex


  • You can play alone or in groups.
  • One player can either sit or lie on the ground. Hold the handle and pull the rope back. The water balloon is put into the capsule. Just aim, stretch, and shoot.
  • Three players: Two players grab one of the handles with their inside hands. The third player (the launcher) will hold the nylon handle in one hand and the balloon in the other into the bag. Then the launcher will pull back, aim at the target, and fire. Don't aim for the eyes.

Warm tips: If used in the vicinity of children, please pay attention to safety. Once you're filled with water balloons, place them in a bucket of water, as the balloons in the water balloon launcher are more likely to burst and avoid injury.


  • 1 * Water Balloon Launcher
  • 1 * Carry Bag
  • 1 * Bag of Balloons (100pcs)

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