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Lift Up Invisible Bra Tape - 1 Pair
Lift Up Invisible Bra Tape - 1 Pair

Lift Up Invisible Bra Tape - 1 Pair

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The secret behind Perfect Curves

There are just times that a regular bra isn't fit for your clothing Just like when you're wearing evening gowns, swimsuits, and halter tops. 

So to give you a natural and full cleavage while wearing those types of clothes, we got this Lifting Invisible Bra Tape!

Keeps your boobs perky and high for all kind of outfit like they are all-natural without any artificial support. The thin edge with thick center design gives the breast the best coverage while having a natural look and is invisible even under sheer clothing.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE TO FIT - You can cut the rabbit ears for it to fit your clothing. You can cut the ears if you have an off-shoulder gown. Invisible under clothing, too! These cups can adapt and suit your style! 

It is made of siliconenon-irritable to the body, water-resistant and reusable. Be confident and comfortable with this Invisible Lift Up Tape Bra.


  • Fits all cup sizes (A to H): Lift up while looking natural 
  • Strapless and invisible under clothes: Popular skin / black color available. The perfect solution for tops, blouse shirts, strapless, backless, deep-v, wedding dress, swimwear, and gowns
  • Trimmable to fit your desired size and shape - Perfect for any outfit type
  • Non-irritable: High-quality materials and Silicone
  • Lightweight, comfortable and feeling free
  • Water-resistant and can be used under swimwear
  • Reusable and hand washable
  • Easy to put on and remove: Strong, sticky Silicone can adapt to curves of your breasts


  • Work for all sizes: lift up your boobs & create natural cleavage no matter the boob size
  • Skin-friendly: adopt medical-grade material to prevent redness
  • Guaranteed safety: sticky tightly to your boobs to not cause a wardrobe malfunction
  • Super invisible: can be worn underneath various tops and hid well

  • No sales tax or duties charged
  • Not to restrict movement
  • Suitable even for those with sensitive skin
  • Water-resistant
  • Safe to wear during swimming or even when you sweat
  • Hand wash with 30 degree Celsius water

    Reusable and Washable

    • After use, rinse the bra with warm water. You may use mild soap or apply a professional, tape bra cleaning agent (spraying 3 times on the adhesive side per wash) together with water. It helps remove oil and dust so that the bra can remain sticky over a longer period. Gently clean the wet bra with your fingers drawing circles on the adhesive side. Then, rinse the bra again. Air-dry it in shade. After that, you may cover the sticky side with the protective plastic sheets for the next use.
    • Do not use lotion or cream type cleaner on the tape bra. Avoid direct Sunlight which may reduce the stickiness. Avoid damaging the adhesive side with hard object such as fingernails.



      • The latest version comes with enlarged sizes for better support
        • M size / diameter of 9.5 cm or 3.7" (for Cups A to B)
        • L size / diameter of 11 cm or of 4.3" (for Cups C/D)
        • XL size / diameter of 13 cm or of 5.1" (for Cups E to F)

        Package Includes:

        • 1 pair of Rabbit-Ear Lift-Up Bra Tapes

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