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DIY Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Set
DIY Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Set

DIY Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Set

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Babies are such adorable little creatures. That's why most people, especially expecting parents, can't help themselves but find ways to make memorable moments with their babies.

Here's something that you'll surely love to do for your babies... the DIY Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Set!

It's an easy-to-do, do-it-yourself hand and footprint frame! You're sure to make lasting memories that you and your babies would surely cherish!


  • The clay is kneadable and easy to work with.
  • Get your baby's hand and footprints in an instant. No need to disturb your sleeping angels just to get their prints.
  • You can even paint it with your favorite color!

  • It has a natural, handcrafted wooden frame.
  • Clay doesn't crack or deform even after setting.
  • These are guaranteed to last a long time!

You're free to use as many potpourris as you want for a cuter, attractive design. Include your baby's birthdate using the number and letter decals. The sky's the limit on your creativity. For added appeal, you can paint on the clay with any vibrant color that you like. And then, for a final touch, put some LED lights onto it, too!

The DIY Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Set also makes an ideal gift to mothers or expecting ladies during baby showers, baptisms, and more!

Making a lasting memory for your baby is one way to show your love for them. Channel your creativity and your love through something that they'll appreciate when they grow up with the DIY Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Set! 


  • Available Colors: Blue/Pink
  • Size: 28cm x 33cm x 3cm


  • 1 set DIY Baby Hand & Footprint Frame Set

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